Cabinet Food

An array of quick, delicious, ever changing cabinet food from 8:30am daily.


Cinema Snacks



To be enjoyed before or after a movie or just over a drink with friends. Choose from Italian, French or Cheese and Nut. For only $25.00. Mini size available for $18.00.


Italian Platter

Our Famous Italian Platter comes with succulent fresh salami, mouth watering Blue Cheese and rich crumbled feta. A handful of flavour filled olives, fresh roasted garlic and sun-dried tomatoes, with a serving of fresh basil and sundried tomato pesto, topped with a handful of fresh seasonal grapes. This platter is accompanied by a selection of crackers & crunchy crustinis to load toppings onto.



Our Famous French Platter comes with heavenly smoked salmon, duck liver pate, onion marmalade, camembert, olives and grapes. This platter comes with a selection of crackers and a French stick to load toppings onto.


Our Famous Cheese & Nut Platter comes with a bowl of crunchy coated mixed nuts and an array of three different cheeses. We serve this with a side of fresh onion marmalade from Barkers and a selection of crackers.



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